Jacksonville’s premier and largest group for bourbon! Sharing and caring for our community is who we are and what we do.

Meet our team

Our diverse team of bourbon enthusiasts dedicate their time and expertise to making the community thrive and is the glue that holds us together.

Chris Bickett


Steven Santillanes

Vice President

Seth Pefley


Jon Smith


Jerry Bledsoe


A passion for sharing spirits.

Our group is huge on community building in the bourbon world by fostering an environment of education, camaraderie, and generosity.

Bourbon Tastings and Pairing

Experience bourbon tastings led by certified bourbon stewards, or even special guests from the industry such as distillers and brand reps that are well versed in all things whiskey related.

Bottle Shares

Join fellow enthusiasts weekly to try new spirits and share some favorites of your own in our unique, rotating event know as Saturday Sippers. From distilleries to rooftop venues on the beach, you’ll experience amazing local venues and meet great people in the bourbon community.

Barrel Picks

One thing we pride ourselves on is our experienced bourbon palates. We have worked with numerous local venues in curating AMAZING single barrel selections of bourbon and even tequilas. We hold our reputation for quality barrels in the highest regard and offer the commitment to our members to always put out a great one!

Giving Back

One of the core components on what this group was founded on was using our strength in numbers to raise money for good causes, local causes, that our assistance can impact directly. We work with local charities, food banks, animal rescues, etc.

Exclusive Access and Perks

In 2024 we are launching our membership program which is limited to 200 members. Some of the benefits of this program include early/exclusive access to single barrels, private tastings and experiences, bourbon parings and dinners, exclusive club merchandise, and much, much, more!

Having Fun

At the end of the day, we are all about having a great time and promoting positivity. This community is all about sharing great spirits, both in and out of the glass.

Saturday Sippers

A huge part of building our community and supporting the local bourbon scene is our weekly bottle share, lovingly known as Sippers.

Learn from experience

  • Try new bourbon and other spirits!
  • Learn from other community members and network with like minded people!
  • Curate your own palate and learn what you like from trying things, rather than just reading about it or following the hype.

Make new friends along the way

  • Bourbon brings together all walks of life, come be a part of the group!
  • Find new locations around town that you may have never been to or even heard of
  • Make lasting memories and priceless friendships.

“Sipping bourbon, sharing knowledge, building bonds, and serving the community.

We’re not just a society; we’re a pour decision you won’t regret.”

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